Breathing and Accents - Test 2

English translation by Bruna Pogliano

Practice breathings and accents carefully with this test. Mastering breathings and accents is of top importance when analyzing texts. Keep in mind that many words have different meanings as well as morphological functions depending on their breathing and/or accent. For example ἡ, the (article, feminine nominative singular), ἤ, or, see also, ἥ, who, which (relative pronoun, feminine nom. sing.), ᾖ, he be (pres. subjunctive 3rd sing. pers. of εἰμί, I am). Each New question displays a randomly selected word from the section lexical roots. After a few seconds, the selected word fades away and is displayed in the text field, without breathing nor accent marks. Now, type in the right breathing and accent marks. Click on Check answer for feedback.

Time allotted to each answer: 20 seconds, timeouts are considered as mistakes. Each correct answer given within the first 10 seconds scores 10/10. Each additional second is penalized with 1 point.

Press Space Bar to display New questions handily, instead of clicking with the mouse, press enter to check answers. Remember you can click on overall performance only after answering a minimum of 5 questions.

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