The Alphabet order - Test

English translation by Bruna Pogliano

Try to learn the letters you see on the right. The first column displays the 24 Upper case letters of the Greek alphabet in the same order used in dictionaries. The second column shows the corresponding Lower case letters. The third column provides their names. Click on Shuffle to change the visualized order, then you can test your memory by clicking on each letter in the correct order. Example: the first letter you have to click in column 1 is Α; you will then see it move into the first position. If your answer is correct, the letter will be displayed on a green background; incorrect answers are shown on a red background. Remember that you can restart the exercise whenever you want, just click on the Restart button to see the letters in order again. After the exercise is completed, you can do it again as many times as you want, just click on Restart. Checking the timer may be useful.

Enjoy yourselves!